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As an indie author and self-publisher of a dozen or so books on Amazon and through other online distribution networks, I am excited to offer you a selection of coaching packages to help you become a successful published author.

Very few authors enjoy the marketing aspect of publishing books. In my workshops on self-publishing I tell my author audience they will spend 30% of their time writing their books and 130% in marketing them.

I provide a comprehensive 12-week self-publishing/self-marketing coaching program where I hold your hand every step of the way to help you become a proficient self-marketer and ready to market your own books.

Note: Successful independent book publishing and marketing relies on and involves a series of interconnected action items.

For twelve weeks I provide a list of action items i.e. tasks for you to complete in helping to build your Author Platform to facilitate selling books on Amazon and beyond.

Some weeks may take extra time to complete the tasks. The 12-week format does not necessarily mean a hard stop at the end of 12 weeks. The program is flexible and is designed to help you be successful in learning how to market your own books.

Program delivery is through e-mail and Zoom calls if beneficial.

This is a comprehensive program and includes: developing your social media presence, developing your author platform, developing webpages/landing pages for your books, Amazon advertising, SEO and much more.

We would start the process with an on-line Zoom call to discover your specific needs. Then I will create a customized strategic plan for you moving forward in publishing and marketing your book. I would then present the proposal to and if you agree we can start quickly.

12-Week Self-Publishing/Self-Marketing Coaching Program only $1250 USD/$1650 CDN.

PS: Shop around. You won’t find this much value and support for twice the price anywhere else.

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Helping your business Express

Something to consider:

Does your business or organization require vast amounts of technical writing to explain internal procedures, design and produce products, implement processes, sell products and services to other businesses, or define policies? Most do!

Do you have the skills and the time to devote to creating professional written communications?

Perhaps you do, however would your bottom line look better if you spent your time working on and growing your business instead of focusing on what we used to call paperwork?

Are you publishing content that highlights your skills & experience to place yourself in your customer's mind as the 'go to' person? You should be! On-line marketers will tell you that content is king! "Content marketing is the only marketing left." Seth Godin.

Most seasoned business people have sage advice and experience to share. This can be good content. Your potential customers are actively looking for advice to relieve their pain. From a sales perspective, you are the pain reliever. However, not everyone can take content and shape it into a compelling story, a solution to a problem or a call for action.

Is your on-line personal brand working effectively for you?


How can Live For Excellence Productions help?

Rae Stonehouse, owner of LFEP has many years of technical writing experience that includes: policy & procedures, employee guidelines & handbooks, job descriptions, training curriculum development and how-to articles and e-books. 

We can take your rough article [first draft] and in your personal style create a polished final copy that will make you shine. "Isn't that kinda like cheating?" you might ask. With the high demand of content nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to create original content.

Let's face it, not everybody has the skills to create quality copy. Many content publishers have been utilizing ghost writers to polish their content. You would be surprised to know who does. 

Live For Excellence Productions will take your rough copy and polish it for you, in your style.

Have you considered sharing your expertise by publishing content to Linkedin or other on-line document repositories? We can help with that!

Do you have policies & procedures that need to be developed or existing ones that need updated? We can help! 

Contact us to discuss your technical writing needs and possibilities.       


LFEP also offers several different types of editing:

Developmental Editing - The editor suggests changes to the storyline, character development, and others and areas that need improvement and then the author incorporates changes.

Substantive Editing - The editor rewrites portions of the manuscript to improve the flow, clarify points and generally make the work better.

Copy Editing - The editor focuses on sentence structure, removing redundancies, improving word usage and providing alternative words that strengthen the work.

Proofreading - The final phase of editing to check for grammar, spelling and punctuation marks.

Layout & Formatting

layout formattingClosely related to editing and proofreading, yet a separate step of the publishing process, is that of determining your layout and formatting your book.

To some readers, errors in your formatting will jump out at them as much as the old saying of "˜what happens when you wave a red flag in front of a bull?" You don't want to give your reader any reason to dismiss the value of your creative work.

Different styles of books or publication versions i.e. pixel or print, require different formatting techniques.

LFEP uses Scrivener, a powerful word-processing program and outliner for authors, to format your manuscript and make it publication-ready.

If you have created your manuscript in Scrivener, we can easily access your file and make the required changes.

Talk to us about creating the layout and the formatting for your book.

About Live For Excellence Productions

LFEP is a resource for authors who want to self-publish but don't want to deal with all the hassles involved in the process. We can do it for you ... or with you!

In addition, LFEP serves as a hub for creative projects and content distribution by Rae Stonehouse Author, Writer & Speaker. Check out our available publications and public presentations. 

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