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Live For Excellence Productions (LFEP) is owned & operated by Rae A. Stonehouse, out of Kelowna B.C.

Rae has self-published a dozen or so personal/professional development books and on-line courses, providing tips, techniques & solutions for everyday challenges.

Along his research journey, Rae has studied the process of writing, with self-publishing in mind and has developed a system to make it easier for himself and other aspiring authorpreneurs.Rae Speaks from Lectern 2016

Authorpreneur? Yes, as an author, you need to think from a business perspective and specifically as an entrepreneur. If you want your book to stand out from the thousands of others published each and every day, you need to have a plan in place.

Unless you are extremely lucky and happen to write and publish a must-have best-seller, odds are you will be like most other authors and receive a meager return on your investment.

It doesn't have to be that way though! With a little bit of work, well actually a lot of work, you can create an author platform that stands out from the competition. And there is a lot of competition out there.

Think leverage. The not so secret to being successful as an authorpreneur is to develop additional revenue streams, that is to leverage the content you have invested your time and effort in developing and to repurpose/repackage it for fun and profit.

LFEP can help you every step of the way.

Perhaps your goal is to see your memoirs or a special time in your life in print and share it with your family? That's okay too. LFEP can help make your story a reality.

Writing and having your book published, isn't anything new. Writing and self-publishing is still relatively new though. As a self-publishing authorpreneur, you are taking over all the aspects of your project, from the actual writing to the printing, to the distribution and marketing.

While many businesses are developing to support the aspiring writers to get published, LFEP i.e. Rae A. Stonehouse, brings unique skills and experience that others don't have.

Rae is a staunch believer in self-promotion, personal brand marketing and networking. As a former Chair for a local entrepreneur's society, Rae has seen first hand the results that entrepreneurism as a business model can achieve.

Over the years, Rae has developed and maintained dozens of websites for himself, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

As an entrepreneur and most definitely as an authorpreneur, you need to get comfortable with self-promoting and creating promotional copy to let the world know about your content. As an event promoter, in his own business and for others, Rae has created promotional copy for hundreds of events with the goal of selling tickets.

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LFEP can help you with your promotion and marketing. If you are successful, we are successful!

For more about Rae Stonehouse, visit his author page at raestonehouse.com the Wonderful World of Rae Stonehouse.

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About Live For Excellence Productions

LFEP is a resource for authors who want to self-publish but don't want to deal with all the hassles involved in the process. We can do it for you ... or with you!

In addition, LFEP serves as a hub for creative projects and content distribution by Rae Stonehouse Author, Writer & Speaker. Check out our available publications and public presentations. 

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