If you can do it all yourself, you won't likely need us. But if you can't ... we can help you with every step of the self-publishing & distribution process. You do the writing, we'll do the rest ... or we can teach you how to do it. 

Layout & Formatting

Ebooks and print versions of your book require different formatting. We format your book for easy reading on both

Editing & Proof Reading

Even if you have an eye for detail, a second and perhaps a third set of eyes can take your manuscript from amateurish to professional looking. We have editing packages to suit your needs. 

Publishing & Distribution

As a Self-Publisher, in addition to Kindle, Create Space, & Amazon around the globe, you can get your book listed with on-line companies such as Barnes and Noble, itunes and others. We can help you with this or walk you through it.

Cover Design

We aren't graphic artists but we do have connections who can create an eye-catching design for you. They did for us!

Marketing & Promotion

You may have written the best book in the world however, if nobody knows about it ...  We can do your marketing & promotion for you or create the infrastructure so that you can do it yourself. 

Have you created your Author website yet?  

constructed websiteWe can do that for you. We use Joomla and/or WordPress themes depending on your situation and which works best for you. 

We can help you with every step of the process, from purchasing your domain, hosting your site if required, creating & developing your site and ongoing site maintenance. Please see our Services page for a complete discription of how we can help you.

Live For Excellence Productions (LFEP) provides resources for Authors.

We can help you with your on-line presence by creating your Author's website, websites for your publications and maximizing your social media footprint.

We also provide technical writing services for businesses who want to present a professional image. 



What our clients are saying...

Looking for a Speaker or a Workshop Topic for your Business or Organization?

Rae Stonehouse of Live For Excellence Productions (LFEP) offers a selection of seminars, workshops & stand-alone presentations on topics of interest to authors, business professionals, organizations and corporations. Visit Our Presentations for a full listing and descriptions.


About Live For Excellence Productions

LFEP is a resource for authors who want to self-publish but don't want to deal with all the hassles involved in the process. We can do it for you ... or with you!

In addition, LFEP serves as a hub for creative projects and content distribution by Rae Stonehouse Author, Writer & Speaker. Check out our available publications and public presentations. 

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